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I heard through the grape vine that poop is the new pink! Whenever I hear that saying (grape vine) I think of those creepy California Rasins that sang songs, and you would get the box of their rasin in your halloween bag (why people thought as children we loved rasiens is still a mysterty too me), I felt like I was eatting those little characters out of a box.

Friday, June 30, 2006

Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Bacon is taking over the world. I have to warn everyone about this. I find I dont eat a ton of bacon, sometimes it taste with breakfast, however last week i decided to cut all ties off with bacon. Turns out everything that I have had since has bacon in it. I order a spinach salad last night from Applebees and they had bacon in it. There is more but this is the one I remember the most, because I explain to my friend how I was done with bacon, then i noticed well eatting there was bacon with my shrimp on my salad.

Round One

Bacon 1

Bauer 0

Kevin Bacon Always Wins

Kevin Bacon 8

Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Big things have been happen at Bauer Headquarters, well not so big things, but since I haven’t had much to say I thought I would make things a little much exciting, and add a slice of lemon for flavor.

This weekend was most excellent, it involve football beer, a ball hockey game gone wrong, trip to Perkins, getting engaged, followed quickly with a break up over a sky diving wedding, then a salad at Perkins. This was just Friday too.

Saturday was 3 hours of work, two hours of looking for an "I am sorry" card and cactus for my little sweet brother, couldn’t find a cactus so I bought him a baller hat(which he looks damn good in), laying in bed until 630 watching the second Jurassic Park, then a ride into town, picking up gin and frisca, then a house party with some good tunes, a fire that is out of control, a drive to a friends to watch home video of the last three years, a very amazingly funny video which included two of my close guy friend jumping skip rope in a garage, then pushing each other around, then a drive home from my brother to get home crawl into to bed and pass out before the credits to Jurassic Park Three.

Sunday was basically a mad day, where I woke up at noon and lied there thinking "why do I do this to myself every fucking weekend?" At this point I remember that I am suppose to be at my friends house to edit a video to pump everyone up for Canada Day, after leaving the house at 2, I run into the LONG EFFEN TRAIN IN THE ENTIRE WORLD and then to top this off the place that I was going to pick up the clips and photos from road is close, this meant a long ass detour, then I got hungry, and wanted a slurpee. I arrived at 4pm to my friends house, I brought him a slurpee so he wasn’t too mad. Then we sat in front of the computer for a grand total of six hours, drinking sluprees, smoking cigarettes and thank god for a taco break. On the way home I decided that I wanted to get ice cream and pick up Gemmell to join me in this, well we listened to the Wolfmother premiere on the radio, however I forgot to tell him that I own the album and the radio could have been left out of our adventure.

Now I have to run around this week and get everything read for Canada Day. Then take a break to go and see my friend from Calgary (Carey aka Smiley Pants or THE HAPPIEST GUY EVER) play with his band RumRunner. Things are looking excellent for this week, if they run smoothly.


Check out RumRunner at

Thursday, June 22, 2006

What creates a grumpy/bad day? I fear that it is a bad attitude when you first wake up. An example would be waking up at 8:50 and realize that you are expected at work in ten minutes. This will make the path for your upcoming day. Now some believe that you can change your lucky with a positive attitude, however I find that it is more a chance scenario. You could be having a really bad day, and then find five dollars on the street and think things are looking better. However, nothing could happen all day and you will continue being grumpy.

Things that tend to make you grumpier:

1. When someone realizes you are grumpy, and continually brings up that you are grumpy. I think that everyone that is in a good mood has no problem of doing this.
2. Someone else that is grumpy, though they make better company then the bitch or jack ass that is bugging about your current state of grumpiness.
3. Getting a speeding ticket, this never cures the grumpy guses. However get off a speed ticket is grounds for a cure.
4. People that chew loud (I might do it, but when you grumpy it is the only effen sound that you can hear.)
5. Realizing that you are so grumpy that not even you want to hang out with yourself. This has happen to me, if fact probably more then once, I was driving my car with two friends, and drove myself home and give the keys to my best friend and went inside. I realized that if I were then I wouldn’t want to be hanging out with me, and thought that I would do then a favor. It isn’t like I left them on the side of the road; I let them take the car and finished the day.

I had the weirdest dream last night, I had a dream that I went to Dashboard Confessional and I either slept through the entire show, or I was drugged and didn’t remember it. The last thing I remember was Say Anything, and then waking up in the bathroom. I wanted my money back because I was so mad that I didn’t see City and Color or Dashboard even though the only reason I am going to see Say Anything. This could also factor in to the fact that I was grumpy today. Yoda probably doesn’t have any problems with being grumpy.

The End.

Wednesday, June 21, 2006

All right, I am dropping off shit for the football dinner tonight at the hotel down the road, so I am notched that there are a ton of tattooed, mid 20 guys, sporting t-shirt of bands that I have seen in the past walking around, so finally I am like some bands are here, so I ask the guy in the “Poison The Well” t-shirt what bands are staying at the hotel, and he list A Life Once Lost, All That Remains, If Hope Dies, The Red Chord, Unearth and Walls of Jericho. I know of these names however I have never listened to any of these bands. I asked if they had been to Calgary, they are playing there on Saturday, I told them to check out the ship n anchor.

The end.

Alright it took me awhile to find my copy of this, but lets just say if i am ever having a bad day, and I read this I laugh pretty damn hard. Leslie and I laughed alot harder when we were writing it... alot of "NO WE CANNOT NOT PUT THAT IN THERE... ALRIGHT PUT IT IN"



Ps I have also include a photo of my parnter in romantic novel crime. And it isnt the devil cat, though he loves to read those dirty novels.

The warm rain drizzled over my tight body like a smooth criminal stealing my virginity twice as it passed. It had been months since I felt so alive and sexy. The salty air danced upon my bosom as I gyrated in the white silver sand. Me and my younger, but fully developed, sister Candi were vacationing in Cancum, Mexico, where the cocks ran wild and we didn't need protection.
Some bronzed hard-bodies played Frisbee in the distance and I quivered at the thought of their good vibrations. I've always wanted a good spit-roasting and these stallions looked like prime candidates. I resisted the urge to touch myself. I'll save it for them, I moaned. Candi looked up from her pornographic magazine and smiled. I could tell that she too was noticing the extreme sexual potential of these god-like beefcakes. The sizzling sun caused their mantastic bodies to glisten orgasmically. I watched as the Frisbee slid out of the hand of one of the toned hunks and I squealed with excitement when it landed beside my sensual foot.

Where did all these male models come from? I thought to myself as they swarmed us like bumble bees on sweet, sweet honey.
"I'm Vaughan. Vaughan Alaya," the most erotic of the nine gentlemen announced as I outlined his package through his revealing swim trunks. After sizing him up, I decided Vaughan was definitely someone I wanted to get to know better.

"You stop right there. We won't remember any of this tomorrow anyways," I undressed him; this time physically, and not just with my eyes.

"Bambi, your D cups were bouncing ferociously. I've never seen anything like it," Candi winked scandalously and sucked on her straw with a force that could move a golf ball through a garden hose.
"Thanks babe. Don't worry, you're well developed, but you haven't finished growing yet. Nothing helps breast development like a good serving of pork," I assured her by running my hand up her thigh. "Vaughan was a great lay, but I'm sick of this one on one. I'm ready for a bisexual experience."

Just then, I noticed a 5'5", voluptuous brunette with artificial curves that just wouldn't quit. "Hi ladies, would you enjoy a hard, stiff drink?"
"Actually, I would prefer a muff dive, and pour one for yourself while you're at it," my words penetrated the air between us, fast, hard, and deep, finally reaching the stewardess like a warm, wet southbound kiss.

"That's an odd request, aren't you thinking outside the box," Venus batted her eyes deliciously, stimulating all my senses.
"Actually, I'm thinking inside your box."

"I'm going to go wet myself," Candi sensed the sexual tension, and strutted off to the beachside showers.
"It just so happens, I'm about to get off," Venus grabbed my hand gently and pulled me into her supple bod. She smelt like the coconuts that resided in her bikini top. Before I could get a taste, she turned and led me to the exit.

My loins burnt with the fire of a thousand burning suns. "Venus, I want Uranus."
"Can I buy you ladies a drink?" A walking mantasy with the bone structure of a Greek god interrupted sexily.

"We have plenty of drinks back at my place," Venus purred as the wild cock bowed his head in defeat. "So are you going to cum or what?"


I need to start paying closer attention to my spelling and sentence structure, also the use of tenses. I am working hard on doing at least 5 entries a week in my blog, but we will see how long that will last. I use to have a series of journals, but I would get half through a notebook and decided I need a new booklet, and a new pilot G7 (speaking out which I need to buy a new pen).

I think it is a officially that I have broke my habit of biting my nails. I have been doing this since I was born (probably). No I need to kick that smoking habit, and drinking too much. I might hang on to the drinking one though.

On another note, I love satellite radio, it might be my new pink.


Work in progress----- Think Pink Production (the tasteless porn company)

Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Eatting Sushi and looking likc a werid ass bird go hand and hand? I think so.

I got this email today, please write an email (doesnt matter if you are not from Bragg Creek or even live in Calgary or Canada) to the addresses listed

Hi Everyone,
This is an important email. I grew up in Bragg Creek, it is where my family lives now. Spray Lake Sawmills is planning to clearcut 50 000 trees every year for the next 20 years in K-country. This will have devestating environmental effects on Bragg Creek and for Calgary. There has only been one week notice, so we only have until June 23rd to write and protest this decision!!!!!

Please! Write a short email using any or all of the following points:
-do not clear cut Bragg Creek
-there has been no public consultation on this matter
-concerns over damage to watershed
-calgary's drinking water will be effected
-damage to wildlife
-eliminating outdoor recreation
-we need a wildland park to protect for future generations
-no further industry in this area!

Please send your written protest to the following addresses:

This sawmills company needs to respond to commnuity imput for their plans and their provincial overseers must see that that this imput is observed. We need to tell them that we value our ecosystem and that we do not support their decision to clearcut West Bragg Creek.

Thankyou for your help. Please send this email to your friends and family, or anyone who may be interested in voicing their opinion. We must act now. (Sorry if I sound like a treehugger, but this is very important to me!) Thanks,

My email:I have just received an email from a close friends regarding the fact that Spray Lake Sawmills is planning to clear-cut 50 000 trees every year for the next 20 years in K-country. Last year I would not have done anything in about this email I received, however in the last year I have received a numerous amount of information about the future with globe warming. I find it hard to believe that in Canada that we don’t have the knowledge to realize that the damage of clear cutting 50 000 trees in the next 20 years won’t have any effect on the current state of our planet. In order to save the planet we must take care of it, I know that until a year ago I thought “what does it matter I will be dead but the time globe warming has taken a serious toll on our earth.” This is where we live, it is the only place we have, so why don’t we take care of it so our children and their children and so have a chance to enjoy the beauty that this planet has to offer.

I lived in Redwood Meadows for six years and enjoy the surroundings and Bragg Creek as well. I think you all need to give your heads a shake and stop thing about money, and maybe think of the future of your children and everyone else on the planet. I know that it might make no senses to you people how 50,000 trees in K-Country over the next 20 years will affect the future of planet earth, but there is a lot more clear cutting going on here and it will in the end destroy this planet.

We see the movies that involve the end of the world, aliens, a comet, war, but ultimately it is pollution and taking natural resources out of the earth in order to make a buck. In the end it is all really sad.

Thank you for reading and leave those trees alone what did they ever do to you? Did they pick on you when you were younger, steal your money? Maybe took your lunch? Probably not, they are doing a lot more then any of us are.

Danni Bauer

Winnipeg, Manitoba

Calgary, Alberta

PS I am not a hippy or treehugger, I don’t go to rallies or in environmental clubs, I am 23 years old and care about the future of quality of life. Plus the Polar Bears need some help here. They are swimming around up too 60 km and can not find a glacier to get on and so they drown. This is because of Globe Warming. Read a book once in awhile.

Monday, June 19, 2006

I finally went out a bought Ryan Adams “Heartbreaker” I had a ton of him on my ipod, however whenever I went to try and hunt down this album I couldn’t find it anywhere, for some reason the one album that everyone (on rave about was no where to be found in Calgary, but here in Winnipeg they have a ton of them. My love for Ryan Adams is a new one, I thought he was an ass that probably could write anything good because he was too busy criticizing everyone else. I was wrong, and he can continue saying what he is about the current state of music (though I think that music is pretty damn good right now, and the people that are complaining are the ones that don’t have time to look for music they like).

The song the got my attention was “Come Pick Me Up,” and I heard this song on “Elizabethtown.” This movie sucked, there were points where I wanted to get up and walk out. Maybe it is because of my distaste for Kristen Dunst, or the fact I had huge expectation for the movie being a huge fan of Cameron Crowe. However the one thing I adore about this movie was the music in it. There is an amazing song by Washington Phillips called “What are they Doing In Heaven Today.”

I also bought the following:

A Day At The Fair “The Rocking Chair Years” I thought that I need a new pop punk band to like, and it worked out alright, as much as I say that I am over pop punk I have moments where I think I was never over it.

Action Action “An Army of Shapes Between Wars” I haven’t really listen to this album, however I own the first album and for a month I adored it, now I listen to it and wonder why? But I thought they might have gotten better. The sticker on the album was “For fans of Interpol, the faint and…” I love both those bands, and would never put action action in the same sentence. (wait.. I just did that didn’t i?) As funny as those stickers are without them I would have heard of Taking Back Sunday in the summer of 2002.

Joseph Arthur “Our Shadows Will Remain” I haven’t bought a cd by this guy since the one with “In the Sun” in 2000, but I have always thought highly of his work. I thought I would see what this album brought to the table. There is something about a couple tracks that I don’t like, but like at the same time. It is the track with the City of Prague Philharmonic Orchestra; and I tend to love Orchestras.

I also got myself the first season of Laguna Beach, I still don’t know why, but at the same time I know why…

I had a really hard time getting to sleep last night, my brain was on overdrive. At 12 I got up and wrote an email and then smoked a cigarette, that took me too 1245, then I started a movie called “Rory O’ Shea Was Here.” I find that I pick movie based solely on there covers, so when I found out this movie was about two guys that are in wheelchairs and how they became friends I wanted to turn it off. I got sucked in, and couldn’t stop watching it. If you get a chance check it out.

Tonight is the last Stanley Cup game against Carolina; I am most likely going to be sitting in the basement of a friend’s house that looks as though it is a frat house watching the game. Even though not apart of me cares if Edmonton wins or loses, because I am a Calgary if I have to like hockey. I heard that Calgary is decked out in Edmonton flags now, which I had a good laugh about. At some point the two cities were ready to kill each other and now the Flames fans are supporting Edmonton. Now I loved when hockey playoffs because 17 Avenue turns into this little Mardi Gras, not that I have been but I imagine it looking somewhat similar but one hundred times bigger. Basically you would have 25% of people that actually followed the Flames, and then another 75% that jump on the band wagon because who doesn’t want to get wasted in a huge crowd downtown, and light off fireworks in the city? I know I do. It is also really funny when you see someone that went to high school with and is Mormon on, smoking a cigarette ad flashing a camera, and making to the paper for it.

Anyways I think I am done now.


Devil’s Broom by Joseph Arthur.

Sunday, June 18, 2006

A relaxing weekend at the lake. Lied in the sun, went swimming, it was a little to rough to get any attempts about wake boarding. Had a strange dream of being gunned down, and my friend killed someone… interesting.

However the reasoning behind this blog entry is that for thirty minutes I was on the Nature of Things, not actually the television shows but the drive to Smiths Camps this is what we encounters (well listening to the Dixie Chicks, why do these girls keep coming up in my blog?) a turkey, not just one but two, I ran after the turkeys but realize that if I was to catch a turkey what would I do with it? Plus I think that a turkey could kick my ass. A rabbit, this isn’t a rare thing my cat brings home rabbits, some deer peacefully cross the road. Now this that the winner, two porcupines. One was the mother and then a little baby, I rolled my window down to take a picture, but they kind of scared me with those quails.

The first night at the cabin, I go my buzz on and decided to leave where I was going to sleep to stay in the comforts of any empty cabin alone. Now after trying to call a friend in BC and the connection being the most frustrating thing, I decided to have a beer and watch…. “Friday the 13th.” Great idea Danni, watch a movie about some guys running around with a machete killing young drunk people at a camp and he comes from the lake… brilliant. Lucky for me I could make it through the second and feel asleep on the couch.

I decided to download Peppermint Me from iTunes because my local music store couldn’t find it in their system, this happens to me at least three times a month. I have to say I really enjoy this EP, though they have a Weezer undertone to them, I am not saying this as a bad thing; I was thinking more Weezer cira blue album and Pinkerton.



Also I have decided that I am not a big fan of Pinback.

Friday, June 16, 2006

few things... first off how doesnt this dog look like Alf. Maybe in the face, but that bottom shots. shit I could believe it. Plus a pic of Bright Eyes at Burton Cummings. Ha cummings.


I have been reading Ultra Girls blog for about a month. She is the former editor for Spin Magazine, I had taken a liking to starting my day off reading her blog and drinking my Canadian brewed Tim Hortons. Yesterday I was reading her entry on “Permanent Me” and they were heavily influenced by Third Eye Blind. I have also read in interviews that Panic! At the Disco are also influenced by the band that seems to be mistaken as Rob Thomas’s Matchbox Twenty.

I have to say that Third Eye Blind first album was in my cd case with NOFX, Nirvana, Blink 182. It seem to be a good point out to my friends, “You like Third Eye Blind… where is your Backstreet Boys” (I never put my Backstreet Boys album in my case, I would have no friends.) This album was probably my favorite out of all my cds. I never went out to buy the cd, in fact I got it through the mail. BMG (which I still owe money too), in fact I think that it was in a package with Nine Inch Nails “Downward Sprail.” I sat in my room with the wrapper on it for months, then I heard “How’s It Gonna Be” I thought I would see what the album had to offer me. I sat outside one night with my headphones on smoking cigarettes and listen to it. It stayed in my cd play for months, I loved it.

I cant remember how many albums that sold but it was in the millions, and then the release of “Blue” it went down. 2003, they released “Out of Vein” 250,000 copies of this album sold. I was surprised, because I think I liked that album the most.

If you (who ever the hell reads this) wants to dip into to some Third Eye Blind I will give you ten song that are a must.

1. Motorcycle Drive By
2. Blinded
3. God Of Wine
4. Anything
5. Wounded
6. London
7. Faster
8. Palm Reader
9. Losing a Whole Year
10. Graduate

Now I will wait for these guys to put out a new album.


Thursday, June 15, 2006

I once stay up till five in the morning playing this game.


The strangest thing has been happening on my ipod, I am starting to hear things that you hear on the computer on my ipod, like when you get an instant message on MSN, or you get mail or when you click on something and error comes you. It is strange

Seems like something is always getting in my way of a happier more fit Danni. I took the first step which is getting my membership, and I had every single intention of head there at 615 for a workout. I even have a work out buddy, three times a week we will be pumping iron. However something came across my desk that I couldn’t say no too. It is a premier to a film called "An Inconvenient Truth." ( It has to do with globe warming, I think that it will interest me, plus it is free, so why the hell not. So my intention of heading to the gym after work has fallen through, however considering it is the end of the week, I think that next week will be a good week to start a scheduled workout. I heard somewhere it takes 21 days to makes something a habit. I know after 21 days of smoking I would hook. I am close to 21 days without biting my nails so things are looking good for me. Plus I figure that I will be at the lake this weekend, and I tend to spend the most of my time outside.

Last night I realized that my puppy could be Alf, I have thought this for awhile but I truly believe this now. I will add a photo at some point to back up why I think this. I think that she is first of all from Melmack, secondly she is always trying to eat the cat, three you have to see the fur on this dog, it is totally Alf. I think that in the past that Alf hooked up with a wheaten terrier and is Rooney’s grandfather.

I hope that if another planet is discover they would call it Melmack. I think that I would have to discover this planet in order to do so. I will put that on my to do list.



Download-------> "Woe" By Say Anything.

Wednesday, June 14, 2006

I am geek, and I don't care that I am. I am appart of this message board called, it is an online community that talk about their feeling on songs.Until today I have posted a total of once, now I have twice. My post was on the "Not Ready To Make Nice" by the Dixie Chicks. Which might be the last group in the world I would post, but I came across this:

by kelshamrocks on 05-24-2006 @ 11:47:42 PM
Nobody cares what these chicks think. They should stick to singing. Only morons are influenced by what "celebrities" think. People need to learn how to form opinions for themselves. They're telling people to oppose the government, that's ridiculous. to all you bush haters, get over it. Bush won, and there's nothing you can do to change that! It's a shame they're so talented, but lost a ton of support, by opening their mouths.

I was pretty pissed off at this, this comment made me post this in return:

I was reading this comment and I was surprise to see that "kelshamrocks" wrote the things he or she did. Just stick with singing? So in this society people can’t express their feeling on things that matter. That is complete B.S. What about bands like Rise Against, Rage Against The Machine, Nofx, Bright Eyes, and etc. What I am taking is because they are woman, and they have feeling other then being in love or heartbroken they need to shut up. Who are you? I am sure that people on this board have made up there own mind in whether to support Bush or not, but the song itself isn’t about Bush directly, it is about what happen afterwards. Of course that would be an experience you want to write about and sing about. It is about passion.

Sorry, but your a idiot.

I really do feel like your an idiot. This person seem to copmplete miss the meaning of the song. Also I am pretty sure if the Dixie Chicks where wanted to have a sit down with the government they could. They talk walk ins on Tuesday between the hours of 1-3, but get there early, because its a long ass line.



Not have internet access at home is starting to bother me. I want to post and email photos, however my computer has no internet, and the internet we do have is a dinky phone line that by the time the page loads you want to toss the computer out the window, so you can only imagine what uploading picture would do to my patience.

I have been forgetting to put deodorant on the last few days, and currently I do not smell so great, though I don’t really care much about that. I have a major Laguna Beach addiction that I cant seem to shake off. I am completely into all the characters on the show. I have heard that so of the show was staged and that producers were involved with the path of the show, but even finding out that my favorite reality show could be fake didn’t matter to me one bit. I will still he warm butterflies in my stomach to “Come Clean” by Hilary Duff at the start, because it is the one thing that I want to see. I haven’t been like this over a show since Dawson’s Creek or Lois and Clark, I loved those shows. Even the OC doesn’t get me as pumped up as Laguna. I like more the idea that you can sit with a group on 10 people and watch the Oc, for the most part I can’t watch Laguna with anyone, because I need my attention completely on the show. Pathetic, yeah, but I live in Winnipeg, I don’t get out much anymore. No joke though, even if I was living in Calgary for the summer, I would still be glued to my television when Laguna came on.

Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Things that I think on my drive home:

1) I wish I would have peed before I left the office.
2) Why doesnt that car have its signal light on
3) I hate this song
4) I love this song
5) Wonder what My Mom has cooked up for supper
6) Smoking was never cool, but I feel so alive.
7) If was to pick my nose would that car see me?
8) Hope I dont run out of gas
9) Did my car get the a/c fixed last summer and if so why is it not working?
10) Did I tell anyone I was going to go home early?
11) Wasnt suppose to pick up the puppies from doggie daycare?
12) I have to poop.


If anyone is in the Winnipeg area near Polo Park can you please stop and grab me a XLarge double-double and an everything bagel herb and garlic cream cheese and tomatoes from Tim Hortons, thanks.

Now down to business. I am nurse my morning with a mickey of Buckley's cough medince, I miss the warmth of a tim's coffee in my belly. I knew on Sunday after an extreme birthday bash for a friend on Saturday. I have stop smoking because of this chest cold, I even drank tea instead of coffee yesterday. However my addiction to coffee is stronger then anything.

I got around to watch King Kong last night, at first I hated it. But then I started to love that stupid monkey. A single tear fell down my cheek as King King said his goodbyes. I realized just now that the character of Jimmy is the guy from the Green Day video, "Wake me Up when September Ends." However interessing.


Saturday, June 10, 2006

Oh the days when you have a hazy hangover. I two crazy ass dreams last night, while one was this morning. First one, I was living on the beach, and this killer whale would come close into the shoreline, after a couple days of him return at the same time, I finally decided to swim out to him. There he would let me ride him around, I am almost sure it was Willy, but not positive. My younger brother was mad because all he got was a simease fighting fish that went belly up because of the salt water.

Now the second dream I was working at this weird ass resturant, in sure it was a different planet. I wish I could remember the entire dream, but I just remember trying to pick a new dog out, and I wanted something cool. I was watching down the cages and I stop at the last cage, this is where I found a dog that looked like a pug, but it was white and pink and their eyes were like mirrors. The kicker is that they had hoves instread of feet. It was strange.


Friday, June 09, 2006

Where the hell did this guy come from?

I heart the Dixie Chicks... wait what? Alright throughout high school and till I was about twenty if I was asked the following question "What kind of music do you like?" my smart ass response would be the following "Everything, but country." As a music guru, this was stupid response, it took a bit but with the guidance of my best friend I was shown that country is pretty rad. I will say that when i was in grade school I owned a lot of Garth Brooks tapes, the popular girls all liked him so I thought I would jump on the train of coolest, over time I thought I dont really like this and drop the tapes off at Tramps and traded them for albums Hole "Live Through This" Nirvana "Nevermind" and Smashing Pumpkins "Simease Dreams," to some these albums looked much cooler in my collection. I was driving in the car with a friend and she was listen to Garth Brooks, and that day I remember that I enjoyed that stuff. There is nothing wrong with a little country, a little hee haw in that step. It is typically to be like "I love everything...except country" once you get down to it, it is actually pretty good shit.

Now, to the Dixie Chicks, that have this one song that I got hooked into, via mix cd that I got for my birthday, called "Cowboy Take Me Away" I love it. I think as song (not just a country song) but a song it is well written.

Other things I came across yesterday, through my trip on itunes and Mason Jennings, who has a song intitled "Keepin' It Real" anyone that can write a song about keepin it real is awesome in my books. KT Tursal, I think that is how it is spelt, is another folky musican that I have been dipping my ears into, and then there is the Hush Sound, Pete Wentz of Fallout Boy held the Hush Sounds new album over his shame, to create hype, and well it work on me, because I was curiuos about the group. I also downed the new Head Automatica, which I am still unsure of. Amy Millian of Stars, has a country-type album that is amazing, and The Racouters (I cant spelt, Jack Whites side band) album is basically amazing, the song "Together" is reasoning enough to buy the album.

Now on to my gay day. I had a stadium tour of 140 grade 8 students. We spilt them in half, so 70 students. Grade 8 students, let me tell you about myself in grade, I was a shit. I was kicked out my school three different times, and I thought I was the shit. So talking in front of these kids scared the shit out of me. At least with grade 11 or 12, they are a little bit more mature and laugh at your stupid jokes. These kids looked at me, like "who the fuck are you" basically smart asses. Pretty much what I was getting what I gave 10 years ago.

Tomorrow night is Bright Eyes which I am both bummed and stoked for. I will be drink Jag, and rum, so I am going to be kicked somewhere you dont want to go, plus it is one of my favorite friends 23rd birthday. Yeah Ya!

Keep It Real!


Thursday, June 08, 2006

Minor Incidents By Badly Drawn Boy

Theres nothing I could say to make you try to feel ok
And nothing you could do to stop me feeling the way I do
And if the chance should happen
That I never see you againJust remember that I'll always love you
I'll be a better person on the otherside I'm sure
You'd find a way to help yourself
You'll find another door
So shrug off minor incidents
And make us both feel proud
I just wish I could be there to see you through
You always were the one to make us stand out in a crowd
Though every once upon a while, you're head was in the clouds
Theres nothing you could never do to ever let me down
And remember that I'll always love you

*I think this might be one of the cutest song ever*

Tuesday, June 06, 2006

It's Tuesday!!!! New Release day! Yes. Finally. I think I work to keep myself in CDs. I think that someone released grump in the water today, because everyone seems at bit off. I am not sure if it is just my wonderful present or not, actually it was like this yesterday too. I have fought the grumpy guses today, therefore I am not a grump.

I was telling someone yesterday that when I was little I was scared of the following things when I was young:

1. From when I was 2 till 6 years old I was scared of Santa, Easter Bunny, the Tooth Fairy, and anything that creeped into my house when I was sleeping. Who the hell thought that a old fat man leaving presents was excitng. I would cry till I fell asleep, looking out my window in the corner of my room to see the creepy Santa broken through my window with my Christmas sock. "Merry Christmas!!!" It might still scare me actually. The Easter Bunny wasnt as bad, but the tooth fairy, my god. I would let my teeth sit by treads in my mouth out offear of a little fairy that goes under your pillow and leaves you a dollar.

2. When I was little I was also scared of Jesus, not Jesus himself, but the idea of Jesus. I went to a Mormon church, and they would talk about the resurrection of Chirst. I thought on Easter the earth was going to open up and he would appear. And the world would end. Yep my childself was a mess. I also thought that there was a witch that lived in the woods behind our house, the day I moved I met the witch. She was a plump lady in her late 50s, that was really nice. So 10 years of nightmare seem pointless, doesnt it?

I stink today, that is my update.

Keep it real
danni b.

Monday, June 05, 2006

Bring it on!!

I have notcie that a lot of bands like to say they bring it out, that their style is unlike anyone elses. However they are always singing about how they bring it on, and you start to wonder what are they bring to the table?

My current example would be Morningwood "Nth Degree." I really truely do enjoy Morningwood, but I dislike that fact in the song they are spelling out their name in a catchy jingle.

What is the Nth Degree? I have asked myself, the D-Degree... which is the Danni Degree. I am not sure what that means.

Other groups like Swollen Members (yes that hip hop group that everyone loved from Canada, whom since to have disappeared) love to rap about bring it home. They must have went home... and forgot to re-surface. Which I think is a good thing at this point of time. Beastie Boys also loved to not let the beat mmmmddddddddrrrrrrooooooooooppppppp!

Or if you remember Kris Kross, "Warm it Kris!" "I am about too" "Warm it up Kris" "That's what I was born too do."

On to another topic. Why I am not writting movies, or at least placing songs in music. This weekend I watch two blockbuster hits, Jim Carey "Fun With Dick and Jane" and also "Mr and Mrs. Smith." No joke of a lie, I actually enjoyed this movies. The reasoning behind me writing that I should put music into movies is this:

1. In "Fun with Dick and Jane" there is a really funny scene with the song "Sandstorm" by Da Rude. I remember the rave scene, and i remember Darude setting the poser and the "true ravers" appart. "I like techo, I love that Sandstorm song" In the reality of this, I never really thought much of raver music, however I loved Sandstorm.

2. the next was a neigborhood party on "Mr and Mrs. Smith" where the song "Heart in Motion" by Amy Grant grace the scene. Now I will tell you coming from a mormon background, I use to love Amy Grant.....



After months of talking about it, I went fishing. Now, when I was little I had some fishing skills, or at least I thought I did. We use to drive out to my Grandparents cabin in Northern Saskachewan, I dont really know anyone but them that would be crazy enough to live in Northern Saskachewan. I would fish 3 times in the week that we would be there, and I wasnt a big fan of it. I hated the waiting, and the sun burn, and the soggy sandwiches and warm pop. I liked catching the fish however I had not clue what to do with them went I got them. There was no way that I would be touching them. I remember my brother, Brodie, going to cast and he completely let go of his rod basically he looked as though he threw it into the lake. My Dad was not happy.

Now not much has changed since I was 12, I still dont know what to do when I get a bite (you are suppose to jerk your rod up to hook the fish, I sit and let the fish eat my bait, and it takes me 20 minutes to realize that I have noting on the hook therefore nothing to attract the fish to my hook). Now after 7 or 8 bites and stoled bait, I hook myslef a huge fish, which was my goal in the first place, I wasnt out there to look at small fish, I was looking to catch the biggest fish out of the five us. Mission completed.

When the fish (if they were big enough to keep) were caught they would through them on the floor of the boat, where they'd flop on the floor. The dogs would go nuts, like "what hell is this!!" and they'd jump up and down around the fish. The littler ones I told the dogs to kiss, and they would. They'd take there big tongues and kiss the front of the fish face.

I mange to get burnt, which tend to always happens. My pastey skil needs a good burn, or tan. I forgot how much I love to swim, I was a bit hungover on Saturday and jump off the dock and the water kicks the hangover right out of you. You think "Holy shit it is cold!," but once your body adjusts to it you don't want to get out. The dogs would bark at me, and want to jump in however they cant swim, so if they mange to fall in they basically would dog paddle into me and rip apart my skin.

I have a new favorite pop song I heard it on the drive home yesterday, but I've heard it before. There is something that has to do with a moment you hear a song, that you can have heard a million times and it make no impact and then "BAM" you cant get enough of it. Anyways the song was called "Unwritten" by Natasha Bedingfield. I fianlly got around to listen to Ryan Adams and the Cardinals, I have to say that as a former anit-Ryan Adams fan, he truely is a brillant song writter, though why was he linked to Lindsay Lohen? I think I love the idea of dated a musican but then you realize that they are basically idoit that can't deal with anything, but man they do look good, but they love the broken hearts. Note: Lindsay Lohan is good in my books I saw an old episode of SNL on Saturday and she wa hosted and I have to say it was really funny from what I saw. Anyways that is basically it.

Sugar Free Danni B.

Also I hate these following things that attach to your body

Wood ticks
Fish hooks.... I am sure there are more to be added but these are currently my top 3.

Friday, June 02, 2006

It is the first Game Day of the season, this makes the office like a preschool on speed. Everyone running around in excitement, and stress. I hope to escape to the cabin this weekend, and try out my wake boarding skills, meaning I have none, but I need to get ready for Canada Day weekend so I can show up my loser ass friends... that I love. I also I am going to try my hand at fishing, catch and release. Also drink, I like all three of the those things, I want to start and finish a book.

Homie Do!

Thursday, June 01, 2006

On my computer at work I am unable to make subject titles for my entries, which I feel is complete bullshit. I got to work this mornign with three new emails, two in which I wont talk about, and then one from one of my oldest friends Sean Murray, he has made a hi5 site that is trying to get me to join again. (I hope that link worked.) This brought a huge smile to my face, however I wont be joining hi5 or any friend netwerk on the internet anytime soon.

I watch "Spainlish" last night, I have seen it before and basically love it. I find that there arent that many people that enjoyed this movie as much as I do. It gives me warm fuzzies, because I think that it is an honest movie. There isnt much glam to it, and Adam Sandler is adoreable.

Anyways that is all for now.


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