Bend It Like Bauer

I heard through the grape vine that poop is the new pink! Whenever I hear that saying (grape vine) I think of those creepy California Rasins that sang songs, and you would get the box of their rasin in your halloween bag (why people thought as children we loved rasiens is still a mysterty too me), I felt like I was eatting those little characters out of a box.

Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Bacon is taking over the world. I have to warn everyone about this. I find I dont eat a ton of bacon, sometimes it taste with breakfast, however last week i decided to cut all ties off with bacon. Turns out everything that I have had since has bacon in it. I order a spinach salad last night from Applebees and they had bacon in it. There is more but this is the one I remember the most, because I explain to my friend how I was done with bacon, then i noticed well eatting there was bacon with my shrimp on my salad.

Round One

Bacon 1

Bauer 0

Kevin Bacon Always Wins

Kevin Bacon 8


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