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I heard through the grape vine that poop is the new pink! Whenever I hear that saying (grape vine) I think of those creepy California Rasins that sang songs, and you would get the box of their rasin in your halloween bag (why people thought as children we loved rasiens is still a mysterty too me), I felt like I was eatting those little characters out of a box.

Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Big things have been happen at Bauer Headquarters, well not so big things, but since I haven’t had much to say I thought I would make things a little much exciting, and add a slice of lemon for flavor.

This weekend was most excellent, it involve football beer, a ball hockey game gone wrong, trip to Perkins, getting engaged, followed quickly with a break up over a sky diving wedding, then a salad at Perkins. This was just Friday too.

Saturday was 3 hours of work, two hours of looking for an "I am sorry" card and cactus for my little sweet brother, couldn’t find a cactus so I bought him a baller hat(which he looks damn good in), laying in bed until 630 watching the second Jurassic Park, then a ride into town, picking up gin and frisca, then a house party with some good tunes, a fire that is out of control, a drive to a friends to watch home video of the last three years, a very amazingly funny video which included two of my close guy friend jumping skip rope in a garage, then pushing each other around, then a drive home from my brother to get home crawl into to bed and pass out before the credits to Jurassic Park Three.

Sunday was basically a mad day, where I woke up at noon and lied there thinking "why do I do this to myself every fucking weekend?" At this point I remember that I am suppose to be at my friends house to edit a video to pump everyone up for Canada Day, after leaving the house at 2, I run into the LONG EFFEN TRAIN IN THE ENTIRE WORLD and then to top this off the place that I was going to pick up the clips and photos from road is close, this meant a long ass detour, then I got hungry, and wanted a slurpee. I arrived at 4pm to my friends house, I brought him a slurpee so he wasn’t too mad. Then we sat in front of the computer for a grand total of six hours, drinking sluprees, smoking cigarettes and thank god for a taco break. On the way home I decided that I wanted to get ice cream and pick up Gemmell to join me in this, well we listened to the Wolfmother premiere on the radio, however I forgot to tell him that I own the album and the radio could have been left out of our adventure.

Now I have to run around this week and get everything read for Canada Day. Then take a break to go and see my friend from Calgary (Carey aka Smiley Pants or THE HAPPIEST GUY EVER) play with his band RumRunner. Things are looking excellent for this week, if they run smoothly.


Check out RumRunner at


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